No More Cold Feet!
Let Park Plumbing & Heating Install Radiant Floor Heating.

Radiant Floor Heating: A New Era in Comfort and Efficiency Providing an Even Warmth in the Most Occupied Areas of a Room

Intstallation Techniques for Every Floor Type
Whether you are installing Radiant Floor Heating (RFH) in a new home or replacing an inefficiant heating system, installation is easy using REHAU's proven methods. RFH works with all types of floor coverings and can be used in a single room or throughout your home.

For concrete floors, the tube is attatched to a reinforcing mesh before the slab is poured. Generally, in new construction, tube is installed over suspended floors and covered with light weight concrete. In typical remodeling project, the tube is snapped into heat transfer plates which radiate heat to the floor above.

Park Plumbing is a Full Service Provider for all Radiant Floor Heating Systems.


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